afternoon snack-a-roo: forage.

Ummmm. Obsessed is all i can say.


Yep. Obsessed.

FORAGE bow ties are darn near the cutest thing I’ve seen to date. And for the bow tie lover inside me this means LOTS of trouble.

These puppies are like lays potato chips…just one? Yeah. Right.

Shauna and Stephen of somethings hiding in here are creating these little pieces of art in their philadelphia studio, and I couldn’t be more impressed or inspired by their gorgeous work. Bow ties in my opinion are some of the happiest and cheeriest things one can wear, and I’m so excited to see this couple catapulting the bow tie to a whole new level!

Check out the adorableness that FORAGE has to offer for guys AND GALS too!

Oh and of course add one of these gems to your wedding day attire and shazam! You’ve got yourself one stylish shindig!

for the guys:

and for the gals:

the “elsie” is my favorite! hint…hint hubby.

photo cred: {all bow ties via somethings hiding in here for FORAGE}

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