trip to paris?! yes, please!

Not that I want to lessen my chances of winning a free trip to Paris, but I couldn’t help but share the most BEYOND AMAZING giveaway I’ve ever seen! Jordan of the adorably cute and super inspiring blog OH HAPPY DAY is giving away a week long trip to Paris for you and your favorite peep!

Did you hear me?!


As cheesy as it sounds this giveaway nearly brings me to tears. Paris is the one place in the world that makes me feel MOST alive and I would give anything to go back tomorrow (okay, I probably wouldn’t give away my husband or my english bulldog B-Bug, but I would give lots!) – Paris is just that amazing. There is not another place like it, and if you’ve never been there, PLEASE drop everything you are doing right now and enter this giveaway…seriously!

And if you enjoyed my blog way back when I was blogging about my time in Paris then get on board with OH HAPPY DAY. Jordan is currently spending a YEAR in Paris with her hubby and kiddos and her adventures are SO SO inspiring.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your little self over here and enter to win!

Oh, and by the way…if you do win I hope you know who you’re taking with you ; )

photo cred: 1 {OH HAPPY DAY giveaway}

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