pinning addict…ruh roh.

Ruh Roh is right. Really REALLY right.

I’ve never classified myself as a person that is prone to addictions…although cupcakes, anthropologie, vintage shopping, french inspired details, travel, ponytails and a few other things come to mind a tad too quickly…

Well, since admitting I have a problem is the 1st step, I’m not afraid to admit right here and right now that I indeed have a serious addiction. And when I say addiction I mean: an abnormally strong craving. And when I say craving I mean: in the car, at the grocery store, in front of the t.v., at the airport, during sleep, lunchtime, dinnertime and any other ol’ time for that matter.

Pinterest has taken ahold of me. And it won’t let go. Over 3500 pins in, and I just keep going, and going and going, and…I’m LOVING it!

Pinterest, for those of you who haven’t already immersed yourself in all the visual goodness, is an online warehouse (at least that’s what I’m calling it) of pictures. Lots and LOTS of pictures! All for your pinning pleasure.

It’s that one place that I visit everyday and am instantly inspired. I mean how couldn’t you be inspired by thousands upon thousands of gorgeous images!

AND not only do you get to “pin”, but you getta follow your friends and other fabulous pinners too!

Some of my favs you ask? Check out this gal, this galthis gal and these gals too!

Sooooo what are you waiting for?! Pin away my friends!

Oh AND don’t say I didn’t warn you:

***WARNING*** Pinterest is VERY ADDICTING.

*Please re-read the line above*

And be sure to check back on Fridays for my end of the week series called: WEEK IN PINS. I’ll be posting some of my favorite pins of the past week!

 OH! And if you’re interested in following me on own my pinning adventure: click here!


photo cred: 1 {snapshots of my pinterest page}

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