friday find: just a spool full of memories.

I grew up with a grandmother who was crafty. And not in a devious, wily kind of way, but in the crazy creative – knock your socks off -“how the heck did you make that?!” kinda way.

I remember spending hours watching her craft the most adorable things from the simplest of supplies. Her tins of buttons, layers of fabric and spools and spools of thread all seemed like the most invaluable treasures any girl could ever wish for.

To this day, I still credit any crafty tendency or creative bone in my body to her.

So, when I found some adorable wooden spools (these in fun shades of red, green, black and khaki) I couldn’t resist buying every last one.

Put simply: wooden spools make me: oh so happy.

Happy friday friends! *JB

photo cred: 1 & 2 {moi iphone}

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