summer school!

Summer school. What a drag. Right?


It’s June…and June means: summer school in Portland! Yipppppeeeee!

And I’m not talking about the kind of summer school where you sit in a stuffy classroom gazing out the window while cursing yourself for choosing lame-ass chemistry over a summer in the sun with your gal pals (been there, done that!), but the kind where you jump out of bed and practically run to school pencil in hand (although, I’m not suggesting the running with a pencil part).

In a couple of weeks I get to attend the most SUPER DUPER OVER THE TOP RAD type of summer school anyone could possibly dream up…and believe me, these gals dream BIG! bri of DESIGNLOVEFEST and joy of oh joy! (seriously, if you don’t know who these chicks are…check out their blogs. I promise you won’t regret it!) are two of the many lovely ladies sharing their wisdom with eager learners like me. chelsea from {frolic!} is also going to be teaching some of her mad flower skills too!

Oh and it’s located at the ace hotel for crying out loud! Sounds pretty nifty to me!

So so so excited! Can you tell?

Summer school here I come!

p.s. if you live in the Portland or Seattle area, you’d be crazy NOT to check this out!

photo cred: 1 {logo by oh joy! flyer by DESIGNLOVEFEST via oh joy!}

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