pep talk.

This weekend was one of those weekends when you give yourself the talk. You know the “pep” kind?

The kind that tells your brain…”come on keep at it, it’ll all turn out great!” or “stop being so wishy-washy and just do it” or finally when you’ve resisted to the extreme: “get up off your dairy-air and get er’ done!”

Yeah, one of those talks.

Without these little pep’s, things like: fear, apprehension, resistance, an inability to see what the future could hold and enthralling episodes of Mad Men could easily be the types of things to hold me back from accomplishing some really amazing things.

Well, lucky enough for me this weekend consisted of: personal pep talks, a friend named Emma, YUMMY YUMMY food and this poster. ALL of which led to some serious progress on my latest project. Thank gosh.

Happy Memorial Day ya’ll! Hope you all had a great weekend!

photo cred: 1 {ffffound} kick in the rear end cred goes to: {my friend Emma – thanks Em!}

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