friday find: the $5000 globe.

I married a man who loves globes.

On one of our very 1st dates I remember him telling me how much he wanted one of those really big globes – you know the one’s that are like 5000 buckaroos and take up half the living room? Yeah, one of those ones.

I also vividly remember him once telling me on a shopping trip in Vegas (our 1st vacation together) that he wanted one of those marbled globes – you know the tiny, but SUPER heavy ones that appear to hold ZERO purpose except to sit on your desk and take up space? Yeah, one of those too.

Clearly globe investments are not something I particularly value.

In reflecting on his many globe “requests,” I find my lack of interest in globes particularly peculiar for a number of reasons:

1. World traveling is something I breath for. If I could live out of my suitcase 24/7 I would. Gross and unimaginable to most….fantastically scrumptious to me.

2. Globes are pretty (or at least most of them are). I like pretty things.

3. I suck at geography. Therefore wouldn’t I want something around that could help me become more geographically sound than I actually am?

4. I love my husband (this should probably have been #1 on the list, so I italizied it to award it for its importance). Shouldn’t I at least try to love the things he loves too?

5. I’m classic for having random junk (in my eyes UBER amazing antique knicknacks that others classify as “junk”) around my home. Why wouldn’t I want a pretty globe to add to my gorgeous array of junk?

6. Globes spin. That’s cool.

7. I’m obsessed with details. What could be more detailed than a round ball with dots and cities plastered all over it?

8. Globes remind me of all my nerdy science professors. I like nerds.

9. I love spending money on stuff. I’m really good at it actually, so why not buy a globe?

10. Globes are really, really rad (clearly this is something I’ve come to realize after our 1st year together).

Well lucky for him: his parents loved him enough to buy him one of those really heavy globes because his wife was too clueless to realize how awesome they really are. What’s NOT so lucky for him? He dropped the increadibly heavy, minimally purposeful globe on the way to work. He intended for it to sit on his desk. It never made it. Instead? It cracked. Bad. He tried not to cry. He said he didn’t. But I knew he must have wanted to. He loved that globe. A lot.

A few months ago, I was on one of my usual antique scouting trips and I spotted it. I knew I had to have it. Selfishly, I wanted it because it was one of those antiques that just made my heart flutter. Lovingly, I knew how much it would mean to him. To have a globe again. In our home. Globe for him. Pretty for me. Something that we could both love.

It didn’t cost me 5000 buckaroos and it’s not heavy. But it’s a globe. A really pretty one at that. And it lives at our house.


Happy LONG weekend friends!


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One response to “friday find: the $5000 globe.

  1. Adam

    Wow! How lucky am I? Thank you for loving me…

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