you should rue.

I’m the classic magazine subscriber. I subscribe. I pay. I flip. I bore. I put down. I allow dust to gather. I pay again.

Now imagine a magazine where I don’t bore. I don’t put down. I don’t even pay. The dust doesn’t gather – cause it’s darn near impossible.

Imagine: rue.

rue magazine is only one of the most amazing and adorably artistic ONLINE design magazines out there. For 5 straight issues, I’ve sat in front of my computer: PJ clad, wide-eyed and completely bushy-tailed. Meticulously and ferociously I’ve clicked (yep! clicked not flipped) through its pages in complete awe and wonderment, while salivating over its visual yumminess.

 Created by a plethora of design geniuses including some of the most sought after designers, photographers, bloggers & wedding creatives alike, rue is one of those magnificent places where inspiration and innovation literally explode from its pages. rue leaves you begging, even pleading for more.

Issue #5? Bright. Brilliant. AND incredibly inspiring, with gobs & gobs of design details. It didn’t hurt that the cover shoot is of one of the most enticing summer bashes I have ever laid eyes on, which came as no surprise since the fabulous mindy weiss and elizabeth messina were the creative masterminds behind the shoot….just check out the gorgeousness below!

Seriously, if you haven’t already, you should rue! Really, you should.

Oh, and did you hear me mention it’s totally free?

Yeah I know. Crazy, right?

photo cred: {cover shoot by elizabeth messina via designlovefest}

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