afternoon snack-a-roo: troubadour vintage.

currently snacking on: troubadour vintage.

I’m ALL about pretty vintage dresses this summer, and after spending 6 hours shopping yesterday for new vintage treasures with my little sis, its become quite clear that my closet is not losing weight anytime soon…hello 50’s, hello 60’s and HELLO 70’s!

AND hello more hangers…my husband will be oh so thrilled!

One of the most rad online vintage shopping experiences I’ve had recently is: Troubadour Vintage. Elise Yetton is a stylist from Nashville with a personal style and design aesthetic that is out of this world…this chick really knows her stuff when it comes to chic fashion and gorgeous details! Her blog PENNYWEIGHT is my newest blog crush and her mad pinning skills are something to be admired!

Check out Elise’s adorable vintage finds on her online shop here or her etsy shop here.

p.s. sorry folks that adorable lavender number is now mine : )

photo cred: {elise via troubadour vintage}


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2 responses to “afternoon snack-a-roo: troubadour vintage.

  1. Thank you so very much for the kind words and amazing post! I am so flattered… You picked one of my absolute favorite dresses and will look adorable in it! xo

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