afternoon snack-a-roo:

As a means to relieve my frequent afternoon slump’s and to curb my shopaholic tendencies I’ve decided to start a new blog series called: afternoon snack-a-roo. Catchy, right?!

Sooooo, whenever there is an afternoon where I’m getting antsy, and strugglin’ to stay focused, I’ll treat myself to a little past noon-o-clock shopping snack…

1st up:

If you have never seen the amazing accessories duo that is jamie coulter and jen gotch of {I featured a few of their amazing pieces here} you really, REALLY should.

Fancy fascinators are all the rage right now, and these gals are on fire, with everyone from Taylor Swift to Carrie Underwood to the girl next door wearing their whimsical pieces. launched their new bridal line yesterday, and I’m wishing and hoping and praying one of my brides struts her stuff in one of these adorably gorgeous details…they are that yummy.

gorgeous right?

snacking guide: 1 {organza bow headband $225} 2 {paramount jeweled headband $350} 3 {pop flower $75} 4 {bridal classic bow $45}

photo cred: {photography by this guy: max wanger for these gals:}

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