stinky cheese.

Would it be weird to admit that I’m inspired by cheese?

No, really. Even the stinky ones!

I mean, can you think of any other edible that has more personalities than cheese?

Let’s think about it…there’s smelly cheese, soft cheese, blue cheese, green cheese, semi-hard cheese, holy cheese, orange cheese, string cheese, goat cheese, sharp cheese, blocked cheese, round cheese, fruity cheese, funky cheese, swiss cheese, pricey cheese, greek cheese, crumbly cheese, skim cheese…livarot. pave du auge. ambert. brin. abbaye du mont des cats…yes! there is even a cheese named: abbaye du mont des cats…believe it!

 Lucky for me the Seattle Cheese Festival was going on this weekend at Pike Place Market, and despite the constant chilly downpour, I got my cheese on!

The crowd didn’t scare me. Nope…I got right in there…reach, toothpick, poke, retrieve, mouth, savor…start again.

I made poor Adam try more cheese than the poor guy or his tummy probably hoped for. Some cheeses were great…some were NOT so great…and some were just purely amazing. I think I might just have to have me a little cheese party one of these days…

Here’s some pics of our cheese filled Sunday…yum. yum. YUM.

this was a “raspberry” cheese…so good!

me with my hubs.

the best one of the day: jalapeno gouda…i wanted to marry this cheese.

and last but NEVER least…beecher’s famous mac and cheese…if you EVER get the chance to try it…do…you won’t regret it. i live for this stuff.

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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