BHLDN…one stop shop.

Anyone who knows me, is well aware of how completely OBSESSED I am with Anthropologie. Actually, obsessed might not be the best descriptor….I need something with a little more pizzazz….hmmmm….how about fanatical?! Yeah. I like that. Ok, I’m fanatical over Anthropologie!

I’m actually 100% certain that if “anthro” allowed renters, I would leave my husband behind and take up residence in the home section of one of their stores…NO joke.

I’d lather myself in gorgeous accessories and scrumptious smelling lotions, I’d light up all the candles, put on at least 6 layers of apparel, and rest myself on a mound of clothing I’d strategically placed atop one of their colorfully quilted beds.

Yes. I actually imagine this becoming my reality. Don’t judge.

So, when I got wind awhile back that Anthropologie was launching a new wedding shop: BHLDN (pronounced “beholden”) I squealed with excitement and eager anticipation. Anthropologie + weddings?!??!? Um, yes, PAH-LEASE!

Since their launch this past Valentine’s Day, BHLDN has provided the wedding world with a stream of stunningly gorgeous bridal gowns, unique and intricately detailed bridesmaid garb, heaps of gorgeous shoes, romantic accessories AND now….DECOR!!! Yes, you heard me correctly…DECOR!

Seriously?! I couldn’t be happier….I LOVE it.

Honestly, if there was one place that could sum up all the reasons I’ve immersed myself in the wedding industry, BHLDN would be it: details. details. details.

photo cred: all photos from BHLDN 1 {tiered tulip gown} 2 {indigo mist dress} 3 {panes of lace gown}

4 {wreathed laurel barefoot sandals} 5 {pippa brogue} 6 {pompoms}

7 {cashier’s key stakes} 8 {papered pom set} 9 {pegged leg placeholders}

10 {papered posy bouquet} 11 {maid of honor kerchief} 12 {lily of the valley cake topper}

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