road trip!

This morning I’m hopping in the car with my pop-in-law to make the trek from Denver to Seattle with a bunch of my vintage goodies that I’ve yet to have the opportunity to bring out to Seattle. I’m so excited to finally get all of my possessions in one place! It’s about time!

I’m just hoping I can actually help Pete with some of the driving. I hate admitting it, but I have this wicked habit of sleeping excessively and quite obnoxiously on long drives (think: mouth wide open, hair a tangled hot mess and body hanging half way out the window).

I gave up caffeine over a year ago and it looks like I might be saying “hello!” to that grande double shot skinny vanilla latte faster than you can say “starbuckies”.

R-O-A-D   T-R-I-P!

photo cred: 1 {photography by Oliver Schwarzwald via blue pool road} 2 {black and white coffee by Hugh Forte via sprouted kitchen} 3 {open road by the fashionography}

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