friday find: citrus hearts.

Last weekend while I was down in Portland I had the pleasure of meeting Bree Walk of Citrus Hearts. Bree is this uber, UBER talented photographer who has this insanely brilliant ability to capture the beauty of life’s details with a type of poetic whimsy that makes me want to jump for joy. Her photographs are so enticing that I want to just crawl right inside them and live there for a REALLY REALLY long time. Bree even specializes in Polaroids, which makes me adore her even more!

Bree snapped some shots last weekend in Bernadette Breu and I couldn’t help but share them here today on my blog. She did some serious justice to the beauty of the shop, as well as all of the treasures that were stacked, piled and perfectly scattered throughout the shop. She even captured a shot of the little red lantern I took home with me and the SUPER yummy rhubarb pastries that Chelsea‘s mama made for us!

If you want to gobble up more of Bree’s stunning photography check out her blog here, here flickr goodies here or here etsy shop here. Um, yes – you can actually buy these beauties! Awesome, right?!

Thanks for allowing me to share your gorgeous details today Bree!

photo cred: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 {bree walk of citrus hearts}

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