{frolic!} flowers.

For years I’ve been dropping hints to my husband (okay, rather sending obnoxious emails to his inbox with expressions of “ooooohhhhh yes, please!” or “ohhhhhh me likey!”) in relation to things I find on the web that I not only want, but clearly NEED.

This year I sent not 1, but 3 emails to Adam’s inbox asking to attend a floral workshop in Portland for my birthday. After pretending that he’d forgotten to buy me a spot into the workshop, and after me nearly losing it on him after realizing it was sold out, he surprised me! I was going to the workshop…yippeee!

I attended the workshop this past Saturday and was SO SO happy I did! The workshop was held at the gorgeous antique spot that is Bernadette Breu in downtown Portland, and in the midst of playing with some uber gorgeous spring flowers (sweet pea, freesia, lilac, hyacinth, bruneria, anemone, muscari, myrtle and ranunculus to be exact), I made some new friends and got the chance to meet Chelsea Fuss. Chelsea is the creative genius behind {frolic!} and her blog is totally adorable – you should check it out!

It was so awesome to learn some neat tips and tricks from Chelsea with regards to floral design. I had NO clue for example that I should clean my cutting shears and vases with a drop of bleach before using them, as to prevent the growth of bacteria which harms the flowers…crazy!

I also walked away with an adorable vintage chalkboard (a cutie that might just might find its way onto my “friday find” series this week), some big wooden spools, and a bright red lantern that screamed “take me home!”

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday…no sir-ree bob!

photo cred: 1, 2 {moi iPhone} 3 {chelsea fuss} 4, 5 {moi iPhone} 6 {chelsea fuss}


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3 responses to “{frolic!} flowers.

  1. so glad you came down to portland for the workshop, jenn! thanks again for attending. your bouquet was gorgeous!

  2. looks like your iphone photos turned out pretty well :). lovely meeting you and hope to stay in touch!


    i was perusing your website and i absolutely LOVE the “bun in the oven” shoot. so creative. i’m usually anti-maternity photos, because they’re all the same and super cheesy, but this is so cute!

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