the last 48.

6:37pm cabo time: frolicking on the beach with Mr. and Mrs. Cameron after a yummy meal of shrimp ceviche, calamari & french fries, 1 chili rellano, 1 chicken enchilada, a miami vice and 1 1/2 tequila shots at the office.

6:45pm cabo time: witnessing a tattoo that eeringly resembles michael jackson being placed on my new friend Tommy’s dairy-air.

8:07pm cabo time: watching as my hubby lives out his american idol dream while singing “old time rock and roll” at a bar that looks more like a shack than a fully functioning establishment.

9:42pm cabo time: licking my fingers clean of mickey-d french fries.

10:02pm cabo time: scoffing at the mean, mean man who gave us grief for wanting 2 for 1 drinks at el squid row.

11:35pm cabo time: laughing hysterically as the taxi driver argues with adam in spanish about the exact count of our group, minus the random dude who suddenly appeared outta no where and decided to join our group right as we are climbing into the taxi.

12:02am cabo time: returning to the hotel and setting my alarm for the royal wedding – yes! i can actually get all the action on blurry channel 15.

3:45am cabo time: royal wedding alarm going off. leaping out of bed. television turned on.

4:00am cabo time: just as kate is about to step out to show her sarah burton dress to the world for the very 1st time, the television in my hotel room shuts down for “maintenance” and will not turn back on. wtf?!??!

4:01am – 4:36am cabo time: i sob uncontrollably, and whimper “why?! why?!” as a result of missing all the live wedding action, and from just being ridiculously tired.

4:37am cabo time: pulling myself together and managing to download the cnn app to my iphone. genius!

4:45am cabo time: breathing a big sigh of relief as i watch the end of the ceremony…ah that dress, THAT dress!!!

5:20am cabo time: after setting another alarm i wake up to watch the 2 kisses on an english balcony.

7:25am cabo time: packing like a madwoman. why did i bring so much stuff?

11:05am cabo time: hugging my best friend goodbye while fighting back tears.

2:20pm cabo time: catching a flight home. sunburn in tow.

5:10pm san diego time: eating my 1st “american” meal in 6 days of pizza and salad while moaning about my painful lobster appearance.

7:21pm seattle time: landing in seattle.

10:05pm seattle time: picking up our puppy dog from our surrogate parents house. thanks for taking such good care of our girl bill and krista!

12:15am seattle time: snoring.

6:05am seattle time: jumping outta bed to shower and get ready for a floral workshop in portland.

7:14am seattle time: dog, hubby and i in the car. driving down to portland.

11:00am – 1:45pm portland time: attending floral workshop with the amazing chelsea fuss of {frolic!}.

1:55pm portland time: purchasing an adorable antique chalkboard and red lantern from bernadette breu for an upcoming shoot.

2:15pm portland time: driving back to seattle with my bee-ute-e-FULL and yummy smelling bouquet of spring flowers!

2:30pm – 5:30pm portland/seattle time: snoring. don’t worry – adam is driving.

5:31pm seattle time: pulling into our driveway and practically crawling towards our front door.

6:37pm seattle time: writing this blog post and decompressing from my recent whirlwind – 2 countries and 3 states in 48 hours…boo-yah!

me and my bestie poolside in mexico.

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