love sesh with sarah rhoads.

A couple weeks ago, there I was.

It was 1 am and I was drowning out the eery silence of late night work with another glorious episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. I took a break from a current design to tweet about some random thought fluttering around in my sleepy head. I quickly scrolled through recent tweets on my iPhone and stopped dead in my tracks. NO friggin’ way. No way. NO way!

Sarah Rhoads needs a couple? In Seattle? Next Monday? Um…yes PLEASE!

For those of you who don’t know who Sarah Rhoads is – you should. No really. Stop what you are doing right now and go check her out. She and her husband Chris are only one of the most fantabulous husband and wife duos out there. I’ve been a “super fan” for quite sometime now, constantly flabbergasted by their ability to capture the most intimate and candid moments of their subjects with an ease and emotional pull that glides like a well oiled machine. They are quite simply: totally rad.

So of course, the geeky, photography obsessed side of me burst off the couch nearly pulling a hammy in order to send Sarah an email. The opportunity to spend an afternoon getting our picture taken in a love sesh by Sarah and Chris Rhoads was something you just don’t pass up.

After clicking send and crossing my fingers, I went to bed that night imagining all of the most amazing things I would say to Sarah if I ever got the chance to actually meet her. I would tell her how much I adored her Rue shoot, how much she inspires me as a fellow entrepreneur, how her blog is one of my favorite out there and I would charm her with my amazing wit.

Well none of that actually happened (I was too nervous to say any of those things…I mean I was in the presence of a photography superstar for crying out loud!) but I did get the most amazing opportunity to meet Sarah. She picked us for her mentor session  with Greg Hoskins and made my birthday wish come true.

Sarah and Chris, thank you so much for sharing your talent and humor with Adam and I. It was a total thrill and a half to meet you, and I will cherish these photographs for many, MANY years to come.

photo cred: {Sarah Rhoads Photography}


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2 responses to “love sesh with sarah rhoads.

  1. LUCKY YOU!! Those photos are gorgeous. Sarah and Chris are so talented. And you and your hubby are adorable!

  2. you got such great photos out of it–and it’s ok, at least she knows now how you feel 🙂

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