the veil-less bride.

Bridal accessorizing has to be one of my most favorite details of the wedding day. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when brides take a modern approach to their bridal accessories. The traditional long flowing veil has taken a backseat to halos, flowers, feathers, hats, netted poufs, fascinators, combs, and sparkly headbands, and I’m totally stoked about it! Gorgeous options are popping up all over the place, which are sure to please the fashionista in any bride. A few of my fav’s…

photo credits: 1st row 1 {Lo Boheme} 2 {} 3 {twigs & honey} 2nd row: 1 {BHLDN} 2 {Untamed Petals} 3 {} 3rd row 1 {Untamed Petals} 2 {} 3 {Lo Boheme} 4th row 1 {BHLDN} 2 {Lo Boheme} 3 {Lo Boheme} 5th row 1 {Untamed Petals} 2 {Lo Boheme} 3 {BHLDN}

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