friday find: tick tock goes the clock.

I snagged a few more clocks at the flea this past weekend, so I just had to snap their pretty picture along with a pocket watch I found in Paris (dates back to the 1800’s!), and a gorgeous charcoal colored Big Ben I picked up in Denver awhile back.

Don’t you just wanna gobble them all up?! The little one speckled in white paint who’s missing his glass attire has to be my favorite.

I can’t wait to use these adorable details in an upcoming shoot!

Happy weekend!



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2 responses to “friday find: tick tock goes the clock.

  1. I *love* antique clocks! We have a beautiful one on our mantel and it’s one of those extra special details we love. I found your blog from your comment about my wedding video posted on Jacin’s blog & I am so glad I did! I’m following along now and looking forward to reading more!

    • Sara! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog! I can’t even begin to tell you how lovely your wedding video was. I cried! Oh, did I cry! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

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