cake is totally awesome.

It could be because I’ve refrained from sweets for the past two months, which has led my sweet tooth to cry out in agony.

Or it could be because my favorite thing in the world as a kid was my Mom making me my birthday cake from a box complete with Pillsbury icing – hint, hint Adam….birthday cake from a box is a must in t-minus 6 days : )

Or it could because cake is a standard staple at any fantastic celebration, and I’m currently working on a cake banner at this very moment…

Or it could be because cake is just pure awesomeness in your mouth…

BUT, for whatever reason I CANNOT get cake off my mind!

Here’s a few fantastic cakes from around the web that are currently getting my taste buds begging for more:

14 layer cake…um…YUM!

Adorable cake poster Erin Jang made for a bride and groom. I think this is officially my new love phrase.

P.S. Erin says she’ll have this adorable poster available this summer! I’ll be first in line!

Chocolate marshmallow cake!

Cake pops. If you haven’t tried these babies yet…you are missing out! I had one a couple weeks ago at a wedding showcase, and I now have it on my “to-do” list to learn how to make these…they are soooo good! AND a total must on any dessert table in my opinion.

Photo Credits: 1 {14 Layer cake via Bakerella} 2 {Cake Poster by Erin Jang via The Indigo Bunting} 3 {Chocolate marshmellow cake via Sweetapolita} 4 {Cake Pops via Babyccinokids via Bakerella}


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2 responses to “cake is totally awesome.

  1. those cakes look DELICIOUS!! yum, yum, yum …


  2. I agree- cake pops are aMAZing! I want to figure out how to make them too before a party we’re hosting in the summer.

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