I feel sorry for balloons most of the time. I think they get a bad rap. I think most peeps (or at least it’s what I’m hearing around town) assume that balloons are that tradition saved only for obnoxious 5 year old birthday parties, or for clowns to twist and turn to and fro into farm animal masterpieces.

We tie balloons in bundles outside our homes on the mailbox announcing: “this is where the party’s at!” (whether it be a birthday party, baby shower or summer BBQ). We use them to announce something monumental that’s happened in our lives by having the balloon shout: “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!” or “over the hill!”

…we sure are having these balloons do a whole lot of talking for us, no?!

But, what about love?

Today I’m excited to announce that balloons have found a mainstay in celebrating couples and weddings…yippee! And not in that uber cheesy way, but with a simplicty and flair that is romantic, whimsical, charming and increadibly enticing.

Here’s what I’m talkin’ about…go balloon details! And go LOVE!


One of my favorite engagement sessions of all time! Metallic balloons + nature!

Cow + red balloon = wedding awesomeness.

Up! inspired engagement shoot!

Dessert balloons.

Balloon L-O-V-E.

Photo Credits: 1 {XO by Trent Bailey} 2 {Pink & Gold by Sarah Yates via Green Wedding Shoes} 3 {Red Cow by Studio Atticus Photography via Style Me Pretty} 4 {Up! by Wildflowers Photography via  The Wedding Chicks} 5 {Dessert Table by Ashley Rose via Jesi Haack Design} 6 {Bride & Groom by We Love Pictures}

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