friday find: a bit of burlap.

One of the things that I’ve realized in the past couple of weeks is how much I tend to recycle, reuse and refurbish items and objects that would to some be considered trash or something to be disposed of. I find so much beauty in things that are tattered, well worn and on the verge of being forgotten. I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving new life and new purpose to these objects, and I have found an extreme passion and purpose in being eco – friendly in my business practices.

This past week I visited this *SUPER DUPER* amazing warehouse in Ballard called Seattle Burlap. Seattle Burlap, which is a division of UpCycle Northwest, is a non-profit organization that offers beautiful coffee burlap sacks to any customer willing to give them new life. I was in complete and utter shock when I walked into the warehouse and was greeted with thousands of bags all covered in these incredibly beautiful graphics. The bags come from the most exotic of locations ranging from Brazil to Costa Rica to Guatuamala to Mexico… What’s even more amazing, is that these HUGE bags are incredibly affordable ranging anywhere from $2-5 each for the art quality bags. Awesome, right?!

I gobbled up a ton of them, and am so stoked to incorporate them into Vanessa and Tony’s upcoming wedding in Mexico this month. The coffee bags are a perfect touch for the coffee lover that is: Vanessa. I’m super excited to reuse these beauties, and they will definitely be my big project next week…yipee!!

***If you want to do your part to reuse and recycle and if you’re in the Seattle area, visit Seattle Burlap by emailing: The warehouse is located conveniently in Ballard and is just east of the Ballard Bridge.

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