trader joe’s = savior of dinner details.

Oh my gosh. It’s no wonder I love the place. I mean seriously?! Every time I visit I am given a taste of another scrumptious sample du jour. And what this means for a gal like me is complete indulgence in something I would otherwise be totally clueless in creating.

Here’s where I admit that I am a total disappointment in the kitchen. No really. Complete failure. If I’m not burning something by leaving it for too long because I lost interest or became distracted, or if I’m not staring into the fridge for 15 minute increments empty minded and uninspired, then I’m begging Adam to make us something for dinner. Thank gosh for non-traditional roles, and for being light years away from the 1950’s because I am NOT housewife material. And even despite spending most of my time at home these days, I cannot find the will to create a masterpiece in the kitchen…cue: Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s is the mecca for fabulously delicious and culturally stimulating frozen food YUMMINESS! I’ve found many a meal while scouring the frozen food aisle, although admitting that most of my dinner purchases are a direct result of the sample booth – yes I’m admitting it once again, totally clueless.

Tonight for example, I had settled on salad (blah I know, but Vanessa and Tony’s wedding in Mexico is right around the corner and that bathing suit is calling my name despite being shoved in the deepest, darkest corner of a dresser drawer). I was settled on greens until I grabbed a red basket and peered out across the store, spotting the sample booth in all its glory. Oh, and that darn sign – talk about brilliant marketing…if it ain’t samples to get my belly juices flowing it’s stellar lettering.

Not yet able to visualize today’s offering, it was that adorably written and colorful sign which enticed me to approach…and approach I did. Sample 1…yum. Sample 2….double YUM. Sample 3…..ooooh YUMMERS! And, yes! I admit it! I am guilty of stealing too many samples from the sample booth, all the while hoping and praying that the Trader Joe’s employee doesn’t call me out on it.

By sample 3 I’m pulling everything out of the little freezer placed conveniently next to the sample booth, and I’m no longer fearing that retched salad. Tonight dinner is settled: tandoori naan, balsamic glazed onions, and baby swiss cheese (I did not know swiss could be classified by “baby” and “adult” swiss – I continue to grab nonetheless).

All too excited to get home, I dump my new dinner details on the counter and get prepping, while thanking the Trader Joe’s gods for helping me once again combine scrumptious ingredients into something edible for dinner.


Step 1: Turn on the stove. Unfortunately, because I was too focused on stealing samples, I forgot to ask the chick behind the sample booth at what temperature she recommends I cook my meal…hmmmm…wild guess….350 degrees?…sounds about right.

Step 2: Place frozen tandoori naan on pan.

Step 3: Cut open bag of frozen onions and spread a generous amount on top of the naan (boy is Adam lucky he’s got a company dinner to attend tonight cause my breath is gonna be……lovely!).

Step 4: Shred swiss cheese.

Step 5: Give your cooking buddy a sample of the menu (in this case baby swiss cheese to my baby B-Bug).

Step 6: Place shredded cheese atop naan and onions.

Step 7: Place yumminess in the stove for…I don’t know…7 minutes?

Step 8: Check, check and check again that your creation isn’t burning since Step 1 and Step 7 weren’t incredibly helpful.

Step 9: Switch to a high broil for 3 minutes to give the top and sides a little golden brown glisten. Brilliant housewife in the making I tell you.

Step 10: Remove.

Step 11. Cut.

Step 12. Eat.

Step 13. Prance around the house while joyfully wallowing in your housewife success.

Step 14. Thank Trader Joe’s for once again saving dinner.

**Disclaimer #1: My previous life makes me well aware that this is NOT in fact a meal that supports the 5 major food groups. Solution: a salad stand in to make up for the lacking groups……darn salad still made its way to my dinner plate.

**Disclaimer #2: Yes, Emma. That is your plate. I will return it to you on Saturday.

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