friday find: tortured trunk.

Found this beauty for $12.99 at the local Goodwill last week. Yep – Goodwill! If you’re willing to do a little bit of diggin’ you can find some really fantastic stuff…much of which you didn’t even know you needed until you’re shoving it into the back of your car.

I couldn’t resist this little guy for $12.99 (yes, you heard me: twelve ninety nine!) and can’t wait for the opportunity to clean him up and use him in an upcoming shoot. Doesn’t he have the most fantastic character!?! Definitely been around the block once or twice – making him all the more interesting!

Happy weekend!



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7 responses to “friday find: tortured trunk.

  1. christa gadola


    i love your blog and your new business’s website. your photos are exceptional. and all of your ideas come together so nicely in your photo shoots and projects. anyway, couldn’t help but comment on your trunk – i swear to god i have the same one. and i bought mine at goodwill too. you got a better deal. i think i paid $19.99.


    • Christa thank you so much for your kind comments – means a lot! CRAZY coincidence that you have the same trunk…hmmm someone must be mass producing ancient, falling apart trunks…must find answer 😉

  2. Love the trunk. Wish we had a local Goodwill.

  3. You would DIE of happiness shopping in Buenos Aires Jenn. Seriously, it’s overflowing with amazing antiques. If you ever make it to BA, be sure to pack no more than 2 complete outfits so you have plenty of room to lug cool stuff home with you. 😉

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