inspired by: sante fe.

This past weekend I got to spend some much needed quality time with my Mom and sisters in Sante Fe, New Mexico. We laughed and ate, and then laughed and ate some more. It was one of those trips that reminded me what it means to have family and people who know you – REALLY know you. Your fears. Your greatest memories. Your uglies. Your not so uglies. Your aspirations. Your inside jokes. You know. Just you.

During my most fantabulous girls weekend, my creative energies were inspired over and over again by the beauty of Sante Fe – the dust as it picks up speed after a big gust of wind; the window frames that colorfully provide a cheerful contrast to the clay colored adobes; the quiet corners of the city that remind you what it’s like to be completely alone and silent if even just for a moment; the amazing southwestern fare that leaves the perfect burn on your tongue; the warm sun that gave my extremely white and Vitamin D deficient Seattle skin a rosy kiss; the cutesy boutiques that contain the highest priced cowboy boots a Colorado native could ever dream up…and best of all – the OLD. Yummy, make me jump up and down…old…tattered…seen its fair share of tourists and locals alike goodness.

Yay for Sante Fe! And yay to a weekend with the gals!


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