Yes. It’s 4am and here I am. I’ve once again managed to stay up all night.

I have this horrific (yet, totally pleasurable) habit of following rabbit trails (i.e. committing to only opening one blog, then clicking here, and there, and there too! until I’ve clicked on 30 different blogs and been inspired by 100 different images). At the end of these excursions I’m usually fighting a serious tummy ache and have morphed into what I am now calling the “design zombie”…aYYYYYhhhhh…yes, believe me, the sight is quite frightening!

Seriously, it’s ridiculous to be up this incredibly late (or I guess now, this “early”) designing away, but there are just certain nights where my brain cannot be shut off and design ideas are bursting through my fingertips. Yes sir-ee! This is just one of those nights.


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