friday find: a yellow chandelier.

Antique shopping is by far one of my most favorite ways to spend a lazy afternoon. I scower the aisles seeking out treasures, turning funky find, after funky find over and over in my hands, pondering which area of my home can take on “just one more” antique (a phrase my husband knows all to well!).

I found my love for antiques from my Mom who kept our home full of the most remarkable family heirlooms and treasures one could hope for. I remember when I was younger begging her for something new, something contemporary, always wondering why she treasured the old, tattered and distressed. As I grew older myself, I began to realize and understand the beauty that comes with combining the “old” with the “new.” I learned to appreciate and value a well sought after antique, now knowing myself that there is a certain thrill that comes with the hunt.

I absolutely love incorporating antiques into my designs, and lucky enough for me there are some AMAZING antique stores in Seattle that I frequent often. Some of my favorites include: The RE Store in Ballard, Antiques at Pike Place, Fremont Vintage Mall, All Aboard 2nd Hand in Phinney Ridge, Antika in Greenwood, and the Flea Market Chicks in Bremerton (only a ferry boat ride away!).

I can’t imagine a wedding or photo shoot in my future where I don’t encourage the couple or client to incorporate at least one antique item or vintage find into the design itself. Whether it be a family heirloom that is incorporated onto the guest book table, or grandmother’s pearl earrings that are hand sewn onto the bride’s bouquet, or a brassy trunk circa 1920 used to hold the signature cocktail, or a beautiful glass vase that compliment’s the flower choices just right on the sweetheart table – there are a million and one ways to incorporate antiques into your wedding day.

This week’s find is a splendid treasure I found at The RE Store while I was searching for props for the Montmartre shoot. I spotted this yellow chandelier out of the corner of my eye and knew immediately I had to have it. I pleaded with the guy at the shop to pull it down from the ceiling for me as quickly as possible, worried that someone else in the store might spot my new found treasure before I could get my hands on it. I practically skipped home with the chandelier, giddy to incorporate it into the Montmartre design.

Here’s to you finding your own antique treasure! Happy Weekend!


Photo credit: MoHinesPhotography


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One response to “friday find: a yellow chandelier.

  1. Its just awesome.. I don’t have words to praise the design and especially the color combination of that masterpiece. I have just one word to describe it “Amazingly Awesome”.

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