Paris. Day 45.

Alone again I am. After days and days of immense contemplation about whether I should continue my travels…Brussels, Bruges, Berlin, Zurich, Dublin, Barcelona, Milan…the possibilities are endless, and the world my oyster…I have realized only two things: I miss my Adam, and it is time for this American gal to go home.

With plans to surprise my husband with an early arrival home just in time for Thanksgiving, I may have told him only a teeny tiny white lie the night before, explaining to him that I was heading to Brussels, then on to Bruges…hehehe.

And after an incredibly tearful departure from Paris only a few days earlier, I figured it only fitting to end this trip with one last night in the City of Light. I hopped on a train out of Amsterdam, caught a quick glance of Brussels from my train window, and headed back to Paris with no regrets.

The city I love, and then home to the man I love.

Here is one last photo from this fantastically amazing adventure, and a list of a few of the things I learned along the way. Thanks so much to all who have followed me on this journey. JB

25 things I’ve learned in no particular order:

1.  I’m physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than I think I am.

2.  My husband means the world to me.

3.  Time alone is okay and not a selfish request.

4.  I can do anything I put my mind to.

5.  Dreams do come true.

6.  The truth is in the details.

7.  I like croque-monsieurs, French onion soup, frites and croissants…maybe even a little too much!

8.  Self care is a human right.

9. The 5 S’s of Wine tasting: See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Savor.

10.  Independence doesn’t scare me; it intrigues me.

11.  My mental maps save me many times over.

12.  I love France…especially its expertise in open-air street markets.

13.  Traveling truly feeds my soul.

14.  Life without friendship and family is no life at all.

15.  I like (ok, maybe I love) photography.

16.  Everyone is unique and this is an AWESOME thing.

17.  Something can look completely different in the dark than it does during the daylight.

18.  It is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard to carry 70+ pounds of luggage strapped to my body.

19.  I am good at taking chances.

20.  No matter what, everything will work out in the end.

21.  Expression through writing is extremely therapeutic.

22.  There is an incredible amount of fantastically pleasing forms of transportation far beyond planes, trains and automobiles.

23.  People are more accepting of differences than we think they are.

24.  Fall is my favorite season.

25.  I honestly and deeply love my life.


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7 responses to “Paris. Day 45.

  1. Joscelyn

    I am so proud of you for being brave enough to leave and grateful to you for gracing us with your gifts 🙂 I am inspired!!!

  2. Emma

    An absolutely beautiful post…. you are an amazing woman. I admire you…

  3. JIGGY

    I’m so going to miss your travel stories, but mostly your pictures. Having just been to Paris, you told the story better than I ever could.


  4. Sue

    A wonderful ending to a fantastic journey. Thanks for bringing us along, Jenn.
    Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike

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