Paris in Detail

A very dear friend of mine once told me: “love is in the details.” I thought I had known what she meant at the time, but it wasn’t until this fairytale trip to Paris that I truly understood what it could really mean.

Paris is one of those magical places where every little piece that makes up its whole is utterly fantastic. From a worn Parisian chair, to the gargoyles that line the cathedrals, to lampposts decorated with leaves and vines, to the cheese that oozes over those oh so tasty croque-monsieurs, Paris is all about the details.

I wanted to take a moment to share some of the pics that I will forever hold close to my heart. These pictures of Paris are a timeless representation of the uniqueness, charm, and whimsical personality that makes up this city that I love oh so much. Enjoy.

34 photographs  for 34 days in Paris from top to bottom: 1. Perfection in a cup: a floral shaped layer of chocolate with warm milk to pour on top 2. A chair many times loved. If I could lug this thing home I would in a heartbeat 3. The Euro 4. Locks of undying love along the Seine 5. Cobblestone 6. Apple red shutters in Le Marais 7. Les velos 8. Worn in signage 9. Place of residence 10. The door to open a home 11. Chipped fence around Square du Temple 12. Random cafe stairs 13. Perfectly worn French shutters 14. The street I called “home” during my time in Paris 15. A secret courtyard 16. A fancy menu 17. Light peeking through an intricate door 18. Wall art 19. An adorned window at Jim Morrison’s former residence 20. A decorated lamp-post 21. The wood beams lining my teeny tiny home away from home 22. A sweet treat off the street 23. A personal obsession 24. A front entrance flooring that always greeted me so warmly 25. A storefront bench tattered by rainfall 26. No parking 27. A stonewall in Montmartre 28. Door handle 29. Years of use 30. Sacre-Coeur 31. Ornate craftsmanship 32. Language 33. Lonely gate 34. The tower.


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7 responses to “Paris in Detail

  1. Dinah Driver


  2. colleen

    Jenn, As much as I have loved reading your blog, I love your pictures equally(I almost said more but not true!) I would love to get some of these pics to frame for our cafe. I love the really graphic, colorful ones. Anyway, when you get back I will get in touch to see if you can send some files my way when you have the time and if you agree to do so. Keep having a great time. We are jealous of all your 34 days but so glad you can do this.

    • Hi Aunt Colleen! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and for encouraging my Mom to come along for the trip. I know you have been a big support to her! YES! YES! YES! I would be happy to send you ANY of the pictures you are interested in. Let me know which ones you like (you can describe them, or tell me what post they are in) and I would be happy to send them your way. I feel honored to know that you think my pics are worth hanging in your cafe! Awesome!

  3. Joscelyn

    I am going to miss reading your blog and gawking at your photos 😦 Have a safe trip home!

  4. kate

    Hey!! I recognize that chocolate chaud!! Yum…and I miss the croque-monsieurs too! Enjoy the last few seconds and we’ll see you soon!! (you’ll probably be home by the time I get back)

  5. Barb


    Awesome, amazing photos. I have loved seeing Paris through your eyes and these photos are like icing, thick and rich, on the most delicious cake.

    Thank you for being so open to each of us who have vicariously shared this time with you. . .

    Cannot wait to have you back in Seattle for hugs!!

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