Paris. Day 34. 35.

It’s quite interesting to ponder what a full day’s agenda, a visit overseas with a Mom you don’t get to see but a few times a year, a “must have got up on the wrong side of the bed” Mother Nature, a crappy pair of boots (Steve Madden I officially despise you), and an ever expanding waistline will do to a girl. I am exhausted. No joke! Pooped in ways I haven’t felt, well, maybe ever. My brain is fried. And not in one of those “oh so yummy!” crab wonton sorts of ways, but in one of those charred, coal black hot dog sorts of ways…burnt to a crisp.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This utter exhaustion is damn well worth it! I mean come on! I’m in Paris with my Mom for crying out loud. But as a result, my ability to adequately, and efficiently (in my mind) capture the immensity of the last couple of days has been quite the struggle. I’ve sat down 6 times to write this particular post, and each time have reached the point of wondering why I started this blog in the first place. Was it to reflect? Was it to remember? Was it to prevent sheer boredom, or heart wrenching homesickness? Not quite sure. Either way, I continue to write on, but this time I let my photos and the days agenda speak a bit more for themselves…

Day 34 Agenda:

  1. Stay dry – this is no small feat I might add.
  2. Master the art of juggling: 1 purse, 1 metro pass, 1 camera bag, 1 camera and lens cap, 1 dollar store umbrella, a flaky buttery croissant, a currency that uses way too many coins, 32 used Kleenex’s, 1 scarf, another new hat, 1 guide book, 1 French phrase book, a metro map, and 1 Mom.
  3. Centre Pompidou and the crazy Musee National d’Art Moderne with its bright yellow, blue, green and red encasing.
  4. Frites (French fries) at a minimum of 2 out of my 5 meals. Period.
  5. Avoid looking anything like a tourist. Harder said than done with a camera hanging around your neck.
  6. A yummy lunch – failed. Ended up with a half dressed baguette and a “vegetable” soup that looked more like its split pea cousin.
  7. Arc De Triomphe.
  8. Chant “rain, rain, go away, come again another day” until it actually takes effect.
  9. Avoid crying happy tears when eating the most magnificent chocolate pistachio croissant you could ever imagine possible.
  10. French macaroons of every color at Laduree.
  11. Maneuver the incredibly slippery sidewalks of the Champs Elysees without taking a digger.
  12. Ignore the ice cubes I have for toes.
  13. The Eiffel Tower before AND after dark.
  14. Mass at Notre Dame.
  15. Cheesy croque-monsieurs from a waiter named Bubba.
  16. Gelato (I mean Gelat-ie as pronounced by Mom).
  17. Avoid crying sad tears after the realization that today marks the beginning of the last week in Paris.

Musee National d’Art Moderne is super unique in that all the structures insides are on the outside: the offices, the stairs, the plumbing (green), the climate control (blue), the electrical stuff (yellow) and the circulation stuff (red).

Napoleon’s generals on the Arc.

A neon pink raspberry macaroon outside of Laduree’s: The House of Macaroons.

A little dose of heaven.

A wave home.

Peering through a window.

Ummm. Can I live here please?


Notre Dame in the night. Quasimodo where are you?

Day 35 Agenda:

  1. Wake up before 11am – we failed. This apartment tends to literally suck the life out of you.
  2. Souvenir for Dad.
  3. Montmartre.
  4. Use umbrellas 60.7% less than yesterday.
  5. Hike to the dome of the Sacre-Coeur. 300 steps in all.
  6. Finally purchase those fantastically adorable kitchen accessories I’ve been eyeing for days.
  7. A restful lunch for Mom and I. Even if it falls an hour short of the standard two hour French lunch duration.
  8. Be inspired.
  9. Replace that fantastic blueberry colored dress that I cant’ afford back on the hanger at BHV for the 15th time.
  10. Find a restroom every 41 minutes for Mom.
  11. At least 3 windmill sightings including the Moulin Rouge all lit up.
  12. Sample. Sample. And sample some more. Mission accomplished: 2 vegetable egg roles, almond and cinnamon biscuits, pecan and white chocolate raspberry tarts, a ganache looking brownie, a pizza tasting baguette, dark chocolate covered “olives”, a pain au chocolate, a veggie covered jambon et fromage baguette, French fries dunked in ketchup, and hot chocolates in Place du Tertre.
  13. Avoid brining up anything that scarred me in my childhood to the woman who was responsible…totally joking Mom ; )
  14. The Sacre-Coeur glowing by night.
  15. Meet a Doxen named Eloise, and a Frenchie named Amee.
  16. Coerce my camera into doing some justice of the 360 degree view from the sky high dome of the basilica.
  17. Do not run out of Kleenex before returning home.
  18. Fabric, button, and ribbon shopping on the streets of “craft heaven” in Montmartre.
  19. Eggplant parmesan and too much bread in St. Michele.
  20. Send out postcards that I’ve had in my apartment for 16+ days….ooops, failed again.
  21. Complete today’s blog post before 3am.

Mom in front of our first windmill sighting of the day : )

French tarts in every flavor…yummy!

Adorable lights in the patisserie.


Ridiculous…right?! I mean you just don’t see this at home!

In front of La Maison Rose. This fantastic bright pink restuarant that Adam and I had a romantic dinner at during our honeymoon. Nevermind that we first hiked the hills of Montmartre for over an hour searching for this gem.

Beautiful art in Montmartre.

Steps of rue Foyatier behind the Sacre-Coeur. 234 steps.

On the climb to the top of the Sacre-Coeur.

The City of Lights from the dome.

Sortie = Exit.

The beginning of the 300 stairs down the Sacre-Coeur back to the street.

Our view of Place de Tertre during lunch.

Oh how I love Montmartre.

The colors on Day 35 were STUNNING.

There is a 4 block radius in Montmartre where they sell every color, pattern, and shape of buttons, fabric and ribbon. A crafter’s dream!

Need a zipper?

My dream office. A little nook in Shakespeare and Co.

History in a bookstore.


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7 responses to “Paris. Day 34. 35.

  1. Adam

    You really do have a gift, my love… I feel like I am there with you (and I totally wish I was).

    I love you!!!

  2. I miss la maison rose, and the city

  3. Yani

    Hi I wanted to know what type of camera you use to take those amazing photos.??

  4. Holy cow, Jenn —

    Your narrative and photos are amazing. I *almost* feel like I’m with you and your mom on your strolls through the City of Light. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us “armchair Francophiles” … and enjoy your last week!

    • Hi Heather! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog! It is so amazing to hear that my blog had even the slightest impact on you booking your own trip to Europe! Wow! I hope you have an amazing time, and that the city gives you as much joy as it did me!

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