Paris. Day 30.

There’s nothing quite like putting pressure on yourself during vacation. In standard Jenn fashion, I decided to make today the be all, end all of my trip, and as a result I am utterly exhausted. Today marked the last solo day for me in Paris – my Mom is arriving tomorrow, my buddy Rachel next week, and then off to Amsterdam I go.

I had these grand aspirations to make today uber special, with plans to rent a bike and cruise around town all day. During our bike tour last week, we had been told by our guide that I could in fact rent a Velib bike (there are rows and rows of these bikes along the streets of Paris) as long as I was willing to put a 150 Euro hold on my debit card to rent the bike. Fine. No problem. Cruising here I come!

Errrr. Wrong. Beaucoup problem. My card wouldn’t work. And neither would the cards of 3 other Americans also trying to rent bikes. That tour guide was full of shit. My grand plan to “cruise” all day didn’t happen. And I was totally bummed. Trying to do everything in my power to keep from pouting for the rest of the day, I moseyed over to my favorite Greek joint and ordered a falafel pita. I found a quaint park and sat on a bright green bench to eat my lunch. I took a big, deep breath and absorbed the bright yellow fall leaves falling to the ground, and watched the pigeons chatter as they fought over a random piece of trash one of them had found.

After my pita, I continued on, wandering through my neighborhood, gazing in shops, looking up at the sky, crossing this street and that one, snapping shots of anything and everything that caught my eye, and willing myself to take in every drop of Paris that I could.

After realizing that I was actually becoming short of breath just from walking (I still can’t breath out of my nose from this darn cold!) I decided to take a break and hop on the metro towards Montmartre. Being so fond of Montmartre, I figured it would lift my spirits and make me forget all about my missed “Tour de France”.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening gingerly hiking the hills, stopping only for a moment to grab a hot chocolate and take in the buzz of Place du Tertre. I ended the day with dinner at “home” and smiled widely as I settled into bed. Although my time alone has come to an end, I am very excited to see my Mom tomorrow. It’s her first real trip to Europe (the last time she was in Europe she was teeny tiny) and the excitement that radiated in her voice during our phone conversation earlier today totally thrilled me. See you soon ma mere.

Crazy wicked sky today.

Jardin de l’hotel Lamoignon = lunch spot today.

Pretty art through a gallery window.

Fantastically worn French door.

More wall art in Montmartre.

The lane I should have been riding in today…blah.

Shabby bench seat. J’adore.

Colors and patterns of Montmartre.

The craftsmanship of the Sacre-Coeur.

Endless racks of postcards.

Patriotic cafe furniture.

Basilique par nuit.


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9 responses to “Paris. Day 30.

  1. Kate

    Bummer about the bike!! Glad to hear though, that your last day alone went well and you’ll be with your mama soon showing her all that you know about Paris!! Have fun with her and have a chocolate cho for me!!

  2. Ah…..enjoy this wonderful visit with Janice. She must be outside herself!

    Best pic: you photographing yourself through window and you and Sarah drinking hot cocoa.

    What, oh what, is it about Europe?!? And your blog only intensifies its magnificent adventure.

    Brava!!! Bellisima! Now go discover Italy.

  3. Dinah Driver

    Have a wonderful mother and daughter visit…..

  4. Rachel

    Hi, Jenn! I’m loving Paris, London, and Bath through your lens! I just came upon this blog and it reminded me of you…

  5. notsoshy

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now…and I keep wishing that some day soon I’d get the chance to visit Paris and walk along the cobbled stoned streets of Europe.

    Hope you have as much fun at your next destination.


  6. Barb


    How come we never knew what an amazing photographer you are!?! Your photos are full of emotion and gives one a sense of experience rather than just viewing. . .Delightful!! More and more, please.


  7. Joscelyn

    Hi Jenn!! Just wanted to say that admiring your photos is one of my favorite new hobbies! They are truly inspiring… it makes me want to leave the country 🙂 Any chance you want to take a trip with me to Spain??? Haha. See you stateside. Happy almost holidays! – Jos

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