Paris. Day 13. 14.

Day 13 has been different than all the rest. Today I felt nothing like a tourist. With my typical morning run to the Louvre (yeah I know, don’t you feel sorry for me?), yoga stretches in Jardin des Tuileries, a croissant on the way home, a trip to the post office, a dry cleaning drop off, a sweep of the apartment in anticipation of visitors, fresh cut flowers in vases around my Parisian apartment, another afternoon of coffee & reading, and a bit of grocery shopping, I felt like, well: a local. And it felt GOOOOD.

Every day that I’m here I feel more familiar and accustomed to my surroundings and what perfect timing it is! On Wednesday my sister Sarah and brother-in-law Tristan will be here to visit Paris for the first time and I can’t wait for their arrival! I have already pinpointed and mapped out all the places I must show them. Hopefully the weather cooperates, and they head home with suitcases full of fond memories and a new found love for Paris.

Today, Day 14 I have put quite a bit of consideration into the fact that I am morphing into a full fledged carbohydrate. I’m not sure what form I’m taking yet (a croissant or crepe) but I’ll keep ya’ll posted. This all became quite clear this morning on my typical boulangerie (bakery) run. I went into complete and utter panic when the boulangerie I usually frequent was closed. “Oh know!” I thought. “Where am I gonna get my fix now?!” Frantic, and drenched by the torrential downpour, I was able to sniff out another location, and within 10 minutes I was happily back in my apartment drowning my buttery deliciousness with strawberry jam, cheese and turkey slices (yeah weird right?? It’s my new thing). Crisis averted!

The rest of my day was spent sleeping, window shopping, and day dreaming (yes, it was a VERY tough day). After a much needed inspirational talk from my dear friend Emma last night, I began an official “to do” list for my possible future business venture. Not brave enough to consider myself a full fledged entrepreneur yet, I will keep the details on the down low, but will mention that I’m most certainly anticipating, and considering , BIG life changes & career direction when I return home in a few weeks. I can feel it all bubbling inside me…eeeeeeeee! – That’s the sound I make when I’m excited, contemplative, anxious, and exhilarated all at once.

In the meantime, Bienvenue à Paris Sarah and Tristan!! I can’t wait to greet you with a big, warm hug when you arrive tomorrow morning!

The Louvre in all its glory.

It was a picture perfect fall day.

Views like these make it just a tad easier to get up for that run in the morning : )

Smaller than the more famous Arc De Triomphe, this Arc De Triomphe du Carrousel is absolutely stunning with its ornate pink pillars and soliders. It stands in front of the Jardin des Tuileries across from the Louvre.

Jardin des Tuileries. Can you seek the Arc in the distance? So beautiful!

One of the many sculptures in the gardens. This one had a little bird perched on top.

A perfectly serene moment. Basking in the sun and taking in the garden views.

Who could resist fall, when it can look like this?!


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4 responses to “Paris. Day 13. 14.

  1. Nice blog and great photos!!

    Paris is a great city. I am still getting used to it myself.

    I know the feeling of shock when the local boulangerie is closed. But then I thought, this is Paris. There must be hundreds more. Not only did I find another in 5 minutes time, it might be a little better than my regular place!
    (They may have lost a customer yesterday.)

  2. Dinah Driver

    Is that snow???? I want copies of all these pics! You are doing an awesome job with the photography!!

  3. I love your pictures – I’m so jealous you are in Paris!!!

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