Bath. Day 1. 2.

I will admit it. Before this trip I knew next to nothing (ok, pretty much nothing) about Bath. Upon arriving I could not help but suck in the incredibly fresh, crisp air, and marvel at the beautiful architecture and charm this amazing city has to offer.

Arriving extremely jet lagged, and exhausted from carrying my heavy load, I was pleasantly greeted by a bright and cheery young couple who run the Apsley House. The moment I stepped in the front door a grin immediately shot across my face. This place is utterly and unbelievably ADORABLE. It also helps that the English breakfast served in their light filled dining room with views of the gardens is stunning…makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I mean, I have NEVER had bacon that tasted this good.

I spent my first afternoon/evening/night sleeping, chill-axing, drinking wine, and eating fish & chips at this fantastic pub just a few moments walk from the B&B. After filling my belly, I arrived back to my room to settle in, take a bath, and read a British magazine I had just purchased at the corner store.

While investigating the room, I came across the most amazing discovery…a wedding magazine. Yes, there it was. Right on the top of the pile on the nightstand. A Bath Wedding Guide…hmmmm is somebody trying to tell me something?? My heart was screaming “YES YOU DUMMY – pursue your passion!” while my mind was saying “Oh neat. It’s time for a nap.”

My second day in Bath was spent pampering and wandering. I began the day with a 3 hour spa session (okay, so I pampered a lot) at Thermae Bath Spa where they have natural thermal waters, just like the Romans enjoyed over 2,000 years ago! It was extremely neat to be right in the middle of all the ancient baths, and the rooftop pool was UNBELIEVABLE – with an impeccable view of the city while wading in the warm water…not bad…not bad at all. I continued busting through my daily budget by also getting a massage, and enjoying the steam rooms (the absolute best part) with scents of lavender, mint and eucalyptus throughout.

After a refreshing few hours at the Spa, I hit the streets of the City Centre and was not disappointed. Everywhere I looked there were these amazing historic buildings pressed against the light blue sky – I could not stop snapping photos. The Abbey was by far the most exquisite, but The Royal Crescent and The Circus were equally impressive.

The one thing that I could not help but notice today was (of course) the fashion. This city (and I’m imagining London will be NO different) is full of immaculate dressers. I was ogling over all the adorable sweaters, BOOTS! BOOTS! AND MORE BOOTS!, bags, and leggings that these English gals are wearing. I was feverishly itching to buy a brand new wardrobe, but after hours of spa pampering I figured I better not… 

While perusing around, I decided to have my very first afternoon tea (thanks for the suggestion Lars!) complete with warms scones tickled with powdered sugar, strawberry jam, “whipping cream”, and the yummiest decaf tea I have had in a long while. The tea shop was too cute for words, and I left feeling a little less American and a bit more British : )

I ended the day with a stroll through Crescent Gardens and Victoria Park watching the leaves fall in all their brilliant colors. I practically crawled into the doors of the B&B completely wiped out from my 6+ hours of walking. Wow this type of trip sure does a body good!

I will leave Bath tomorrow with only one regret (okay maybe two): 1) not staying here a bit longer and 2) not having a second serving of scones at tea today : )

The Apsley House B&B. Top notch for sure!

My first REAL pub experience! Fish and chips – oh so yummy!

The ancient Roman baths and the front of the Thermae Bath Spa…ahhhh.

The beautiful Abbey…

The gorgeous Royal Crescent…

The scrumptious assortment of colorful paper at a stationary shop in the City Centre.

No worries Adam. He didn’t kiss back.

Afternoon tea. Yum, yum, and more yum.

Fall in Victoria Park.

A pic of the Bath wedding guide I found on my nightstand. Interesting tidbits: 1) In the UK one of the brides sole duties is to write all the thank-you-notes – why! why! why! 2) The bachelorette party is called: the hen party, while the bachelor party is called: the stag party 3) It is the Maid of Honour‘s duty to help the bride change out of her wedding dress 4) The Mother of the Bride appears to plan the entire wedding including:
“ordering stationary, sending out the wedding invitations, arranging the reception, organizing the flowers and booking the photographer” – I could have NEVER given up this much control 5) The groom is to make a speech at the reception 6) The dinner provided at the reception is called the “wedding breakfast”…neat right?!


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3 responses to “Bath. Day 1. 2.

  1. Kate

    I love it!! The pics are amazing and the scones looked absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to join you and wish I could share the entire adventure with you!!
    ps I think someone IS trying to tell you something. You’re going to hear bells for the rest of your life!!

  2. Emma

    Jenn Blake,
    Amazingly beautiful…. all of it. Keep updating us… we are all waiting!!! Love you so much! Emma

  3. Jill

    Hi! What is the name of the tea shop you stopped at in Bath???

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