Panty Time!

So let’s be honest, bachelorette parties are not only a total blast, but also a time to shower the bride with adorable lingerie…yes! I said it! Good ol’ underwear.

Well…in an attempt to follow tradition I wrapped a gift for Anna and (gasp!) used the adorable panties I found at “Vicky C’s” as I call it, to accent the wrapping. In my opinion the bright pink knickers with the phrase “KISS THE BRIDE” just had to make it to the “outside” of the box. I added a tiny red envelope to the top of the wrapping with a greeting tucked inside to complete the gift.

I was unable to celebrate Anna’s bachelorette party this past weekend in Portland, but wanted her to know I would be there in spirit. Here’s what I sent for her to open at her party, panty and all!

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One response to “Panty Time!

  1. Anna - the bride!

    Aw…thanks Jenn! I absolutely LOVED this gift!!! So sweet of you to think of me even though you were not able to make it! What a thoughtful gift! Thanks again, what a great friend you are 🙂

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