That First Glimpse

I’d been itching for the opportunity to create another wedding invitation design since I finished mine and Adam’s wedding invites last year. Wedding invitations are probably one of my most favorite paper projects, because in my opinion, the wedding invitation is UBER important. The wedding invitation is often the very first glimpse your guests get of the overall “feel” of your wedding, and they can be that extra special touch that gives your guests an idea of what is to come. I love when wedding invitations are included as one of the details that set the whole stage for the overall theme of the wedding.

So, it was no surprise that I was OVER THE MOON earlier this year when my sister Sarah got engaged AND said that she would allow me to design her wedding invitations! I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to create an invitation that was spunky, upbeat, and colorful (just like Sarah) and represented the style and theme of her upcoming wedding.

Sarah decided a few months ago that she and Tristan would use the colors red and turquoise as their primary wedding colors and would also incorporate a “50’s Diner Theme” into their wedding details. I was so excited to hear about their plan because I knew the theme afforded me the opportunity to do something REALLY fun. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love the look of a traditional wedding invitation, but I also LOVE exploring ways to create wedding invitations that represent the overall theme and look of the wedding and get the guests really excited about what is to come….which I have to say often includes extremely bright colors and funky papers – two things that have not traditionally coincided with a wedding invite.

Here are a few pics of the invitation I created for Sarah and Tristan’s wedding this August. I ended up using two different kinds of decorative paper to give the invitations their own little personality. I can’t wait for Sarah and Tristan’s big day and I hope their guests enjoy this “first glimpse” into the theme of their big day! Congratulations you two!

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