Tools and Gadgets

I was so excited to receive an invitation to Anna and Lars’ “Tools and Gadgets Shower” because I LOVE themed events! When I first read through the invite I thought “hmm tools and gadgets eh? What to do? What to do?” but after hemming and hawing I came up with a plan. I sent Adam out to the store thinking “I’ll let Adam take care of this one, cause men like tools right?” Well, yes, but my dear husband, although adorable, doesn’t have the most creative bones in his body and returned home with a pizza slicer and a bag of “just add water” pizza dough. For Adam this was actually quite good, but it didn’t quite cut it in my opinion for our friends Anna and Lars.

Lars is Adam’s best buddy from law school and he has become somewhat of a “brother” figure for me. I’m really happy for Lars because he has found a woman that loves adventure, laughter, doggies, the outdoors, and sporting events just as much as he does. Anna and Lars will be married on July 24th and I can’t wait to see all of the details of their big day.

After Adam’s return home with the pizza slicer I decided to call Lars and ask him what “gadgets” he was in need of. To no surprise, Lars answered “Uhh, I don’t know. We don’t really need anything.” Wrong answer Lars. Everyone needs fun kitchen gadgets! I finally decided to leave the men out of it, and headed to Crate and Barrel to begin my search for the perfect gadgets to supplement the theme of the shower.

While exploring the immense array of gadgets at Crate, I came upon an adorable strawberry huller and the idea popped in my head…”how about a basket full of gadgets related to fruits!” I quickly added a gadget perfect for an orange, lemon, grapefruit, and apple to the strawberry huller already in hand. Voila! Who doesn’t love a fruit basket? Especially one representing all the amazing gadgets available for our fruits!

Here’s the basket I created for Anna and Lars’ shower this weekend. I hope you enjoy the gadgets you two : )

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