Colors of the Market

One of my absolute, most favorite things about living in Seattle is visiting Pike Place Market. I haven’t had an afternoon spent at Pike Place that wasn’t beyond enjoyable. For starters, my very favorite antique shop is located at the Market, the vendors are AMAZING and the colors, sights, and sounds are infectious!

I’ve gotten some great opportunities, recently, to spend some time down at Pike (when Coli was here in March, when Adam’s parent’s visited a while back, and when my friend Ellen visited a few weeks ago), grabbing some good eats, shopping and best of all people watching! In the midst of the crowd I was able to capture some great shots of all of the happenings of the market, including the amazingly vibrant colors that are always present throughout the flower and produce sections of the market.

Every time I visit the market I am inspired by the vibrant colors of all of the fresh fruits, vegetables and fantastic seasonal flowers. It’s tulip time and the market was full of ’em! The colors of the tulips are like nothing I have ever seen and I couldn’t get enough of them! It also doesn’t hurt that every time I go down to the market I am inspired to eat the healthiest of foods, since all of the fruits and veggies looks so scrumptious!

Here’s a look at a few of the pics that I have recently taken at the market and watch for my next post to include some photos of my paper creation inspired by the colors of the market…

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