A Friendly Visit

I cannot wait for tomorrow! I’m finally getting the opportunity to visit one of my girlfriends Vanessa in the land of Chicago. Vanessa and I have been best buddies for almost 9 years, meeting each other during college at CU Boulder. She is someone I not only admire, but strive to be more like. She is both intelligent and beautiful, possessing a charisma and wit unmatched by most – the girl is just amazing.

I haven’t seen Vanessa since she was a bridesmaid in my wedding last August, as she is a very busy gal currently completing her obstetrics residency in Peoria, Illinois. We do not get to see each other as often as I would like which is why trips like these are so special. I can’t wait to see Chicago through the eyes of my favorite midwesterner…Cubs game, Sex and the City 2 premier, sailing, Chicago style pizza, antique markets and girl time here I come!

When Adam and I were on our honeymoon last year I bought a gift for Vanessa in Italy that I had ALWAYS wanted to deliver in person. Of course, since the gift got “misplaced” about 4 times since my last move and we haven’t seen each other in a while, I am just now delivering Vanessa’s gift on this visit. I wanted the wrapping to represent my good friend, even personalizing it with her initials. I actually felt quite accomplished last night when Adam said “that gift looks like Vanessa.” Ding ding ding! Mission accomplished! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow V!

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