Closing a Chapter

Wow. My youngest sister is graduating from high school tomorrow and I cannot believe it…the years just flew by! I remember when I was younger counting the years ahead and saying things like “when Coli graduates from high school, I’ll be really old” or “when Coli turns 21 I’ll be…gasp! 30!” The years just keep ticking on, and I can’t believe how fast they go.

I remember when Coli was born. I was so proud to have another baby sister and loved carrying her around like she was my own personal little bundle of joy. I still tell Coli to this day how much I loved the little dimples in her chubby baby hands and the hot, summer days when she was 2 and would stand on the sidewalk out in front of our house in her hot pink Minnie Mouse bikini and wave at the boys as they passed by on their bikes…memories I cherish so much!

I have spent the last 3 years away from home and have felt like I’ve missed quite a bit of Coli’s high school years. I was lucky enough this year to help her pick out her prom jewelry and shoes, and even got to see her in her gorgeous dress during her visit to Seattle in March. I am beyond proud of all of her accomplishments and cannot wait to see all that her college years (oh my gosh!) have in store for her. Congratulations Coli! I’m so proud of you!

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  1. Thats extremely sweet, and its such a huge thing when your kids pass their milestones in education. Great posts, thanks xx

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