Merci Beaucoup

I remember when I was a little girl I would make every attempt to avoid my mother for days after Christmas, or a birthday, or any other holiday or event in which I had received a gift. I dreaded the words “it’s time to write your thank you notes” coming from her mouth. It was as if it was a nightmare….the words slowly creeping from her lips…the phrase tormented me. I would whine “No! Can I do them tomorrow?! Mom please!” I was given about two opportunities to “wait until tomorrow” until my mom realized that I was only trying to push-off writing them forever.

Now, it wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful for the gift I had received, but sitting down to write a thank you note as a child was, well, what do you call it? Boring! Eventually I stopped resisting and began writing my thank you notes practically at the same time I opened my gift. I realized if I just “got it over with” I wouldn’t have to worry about my mom seeking me out to do them. AND I could brag to my younger sisters that I was “already done” with my thank you notes, while my mom followed them around the house begging them to do theirs. What’s an older sister without a little bragging?

I now realize as an adult that thank you notes are one of my most favorite greeting cards to send. Sending a thank you note signifies that someone in your life loved you enough to give you a gift or do something special for you. I now pride myself on getting my thank you notes done in a “timely” manner (whatever that means) which is a far cry from my days as a child. I love sending thank you notes that are colorful and include art images. I used to buy my thank you notes from museums, or fun, eclectic stationery stores in the cities I visited, but realized when I started this blog that it would be fun to instead create my own thank you notes. I still love purchasing beautiful and “artsy” blank greeting cards, and have found that they are actually perfect to place inside photo frames around our home. Art is so fun!

Here are some of my newest thank you card creations, which I am sending out to thank my family and friends who were kind enough to give me a birthday gift. These particular creations are a bit different from a traditional card, because they don’t open and close, but are more like postcards – one flat piece. Instead of saying “Thank You” as the greeting, I used “Merci Beaucoup” because I LOVE LOVE LOVE french detailing! I wrote my thank you messages right on the front of the cards, tucked the postcard thank you notes into their respective envelopes, and placed them in the mail. Voila!

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