Girls Night In

I love any night when I can just sit and relax with girlfriends, veg out, and talk until we can’t keep our eyes open any longer.  It just never seems to happen enough, and when it does there are always stinky boys around to ruin all the fun!

So, I decided a few months ago that I wanted to have a great group of gals over for a night of just girl time. I kicked Adam out of the house (not really, he went to hang out with Kadi’s husband Bryan for a poker night) and invited my best buddies in Seattle to come over for a “Girls Night In” sleepover at my house last night. It was so much fun! We drank cosmos, flipped through tabloid magazines, listened to 80’s classics, and watched “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker – total 80’s teen movie that I had never seen before….so good! It all brought me right back to those years of slumber parties as a kid, minus the cosmopolitans of course! I’ve included some pictures of the goodie bags I sent the girls home with this morning, because what’s a slumber party with out goodie bags, right?!

After plopping myself down on the couch this morning after the girls left, I thought about when Adam and I first moved to Seattle. I didn’t know anyone except Rachel (my buddy from nursing school and the maid of honor in my wedding last August) and now I have an AMAZING group of girls whom I’ve become so close with. Over the years I’ve met them through either work, mutual friends, or Adam’s best buddy Lars.  I am so lucky to have Kadi, Esther, Emma, Rachel, Alison, Alexis and Hadley in my life and I want to thank you girls so much for spending a night at my place, and giving me that reminder of how truly lucky I am to know each one of you! I love you girls!

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