An Easter Greeting

Being away from home during any holiday can be challenging because I miss home A LOT. One way that I mitigate the feeling of being so far away is by sending my family cards – I instantly feel more connected. I love making handmade cards but mostly I just love sending a little note letting my family know how much I love them and that I am thinking about them during a particular holiday.  Easter is no different.

I LOVED Easter as a kid…waking up to my own special Easter basket filled with loads of candy that wasn’t commonly available in our house, and when it was, it was under lock and key so my Dad couldn’t find it and steal it. : ) Easter is also one of those special holidays meant to spend with family, at home with a yummy dinner to boot. I miss my family terribly today but am reminded about how fantastic my Easter’s always were as a kid, thanks Mom and Dad!

Here’s the Easter card I sent to my Elliott family and my new Blake family this year. I used stamps this time (not something I usually lean toward) but I fell in love with the adorable Easter bunny selling carrots…reminded me of those summers selling lemonade out front of our house.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are spending this spring holiday with the ones you love!

Just had to add a pic of my blog sidekick Bailie Buggers! Happy Happy Easter!

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One response to “An Easter Greeting

  1. Barb


    What a shock to have funny Bailie at the end of those sweet, artful greeting cards. Surprised and tickled me. Please don’t tell us Bailie helps you with crafts, then I would feel really deficient!

    Once again, sweet, thoughtful cards, Jenn. Thanks for sharing!

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