Something Nontraditional

Now this may sound like an odd statement coming from a person that outwardly expresses a love and passion for all things paper, but I have to admit that I am not a fan of the envelope. Yes, I said it. Envelopes.

Envelopes are boring. Plain. Usually one color or solid white without character, expression or attitude. Envelopes are lame.

Now, my mama didn’t raise no fool either. I am fully aware of the importance of the traditional envelope. How would the postman know where to send a thoughtful greeting card if it wasn’t wrapped in a plain envelope with the receiver’s location on it. And of course the infamous stamp that is needed on top of the envelope in order for the card to make it to its final destination. An envelope may also be necessary atop a birthday, wedding or shower gift in order to denote who the gift is for, right?

Well yes of course, BUT in my eyes there are other ways to personalize a gift, a card or just about anything else that needs to “traditionally” fit inside an envelope.

A couple of blogs ago, I don’t know if anyone noticed but I never mentioned using an envelope for the birthday card I created for Alexis or the thank you card for Emma and Jason. The envelope wasn’t mentioned because (eek!) I didn’t use one. These cards were hand delivered and I felt that the envelope would only take away from the personality of the cards themselves.

I am the biggest fan of leaving out the envelope all together or replacing it with something unexpected.  Every time I wrap a gift or make a card I make every effort to avoid the traditional envelope. I want every detail of a card I create or a gift I wrap to be seen in its entirety. We spend so much time and love trying to find the perfect card to go along with our gift or capture whatever moment is going on in the life of the person receiving our card, only to then cover it up by a solid and plain envelope. Why?

So, I encourage you to skip the envelope the next time you give a gift. Just tuck the beautiful greeting card into the top of the ribbon on the gift and let it sing in all of its glory. Or come up with a way to omit the envelope all together, by putting something new in its place such as a gift tag, or something that could be substituted as the envelope.

For example, a couple of weekends ago Adam and I drove to a little town called La Conner up in northern Washington to do some antique shopping (one of my all time favorite things to do…you find the BEST stuff!)  While rummaging through one of the adorable antique shops I came upon a large basket full of old empty/never used seed packets. You know the packets you buy that hold the seeds of either vegetables, fruits, or flowers so that you can plant them in your garden?

I immediately fell in love with the bright colors and vintage look of the empty packets and bought as many as I could before Adam cut me off. I thought the packets would be a lovely addition to a birthday gift or housewarming present and the perfect substitution for the traditional envelope. I couldn’t wait to get home and attach one to a gift with my greeting tucked inside.

Here’s a few pics of the adorable seed packets that I picked out. Keep an eye out for my use of these nontraditional  “envelopes” in my next blog! : )


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3 responses to “Something Nontraditional

  1. Barb


    LOL! What a great take on the traditional envelope. Great! Now I, too, see them as boring and uninteresting and whatever am I thinking by buying 100 of them at a time?

    You inspire me with every blog entry! For a non-crafty person, that says something. I almost believe I have a creative gene or two tucked inside somewhere and will be able to create lovely things one day if I keep reading your blog.

    Keep up the inspiration. . .it is appreciated.

    • I love you Barb! I am so glad you are liking the blog. I think I gave the good ol’ envelope a rough time on this one, but something just had to be said : ) Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Rachel

    What a fun idea! We need to make a trip to La Conner for some antiquing soon:)

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