Spring in Seattle

I love Seattle in the spring. Not because of the STILL overcast skies, or drizzling rain day in and day out, but mostly because all of the beautiful flowers start to bloom.

This is my 3rd spring in Seattle and what I notice most is the daffodils. I have NEVER seen so many daffodils in my life! They are absolutely perfect and grow in most every yard I run past on my morning runs. Oh and there are even itsy bitsy daffodils that grow here! I never knew they could be that small! They are so cute!

This spring I have been inspired to not only take pictures of these beautiful blooms but also create wrappings and cards that have a “spring” feel to them.

Here’s some pics of my inspirations as well as some of my creations that come from these inspirations. Hope you enjoy!


Filed under Greeting Cards, Inspirations

2 responses to “Spring in Seattle

  1. Mom

    I guess spring flowers are an inheritable love. The cards are way cute.

  2. Thanks mom! I’m glad you like them! Wish you could be out here to see all the spring flowers…maybe this summer! Miss you!

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