Pepperoni and Olives

If you don’t like pizza raise your hand….what??!!! No seriously, I have NEVER met a soul who doesn’t love a good old slice of pizza or wouldn’t at least eat a slice if it was offered to them.

Pizza is amazing. Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. When Adam and I were on our honeymoon in Italy last summer we got to indulge in some of the most fantastic pizza I have ever tasted, while in Venice. One slice of this scrumptious, gooey, yummy smelling (and tasting) delight was as large as a whole pizza here in the states….it was HUGE!!! And did I mention…AWESOME?!!!

Lucky for me I’m married to man who cannot get enough pizza, EVER. He is nearly begging me every night to have nothing other than “pizza for dinner”. This man is also obsessed with playing games…ya know, board games. So I decided what better way to spend time with great friends and also make my hubby REALLY, REALLY happy than to have a good ol’ pizza party/game night!

We did just that last night. We invited the Anderson clan over and had a blast playing games and eating…you guessed it…pizza!! The Andersons have truly become our family away from home and we love them so much. Bill and Krista actually took Adam in like a stray puppy during his time studying for the bar and he couldn’t have been more grateful. Lars was the best man in our wedding and his sister Kadi has become one of my most favorite people in Seattle.

I wanted our “pizza party” to feel like one of those fun parties I went to as a kid, so I ended the night with “goodie bags”/party favors complete with a pizza gift tag!  Here’s a few pics of the favors I created for our guests and a snapshot of the amazing pizza we ate in Italy…yummy!

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One response to “Pepperoni and Olives

  1. kadi

    We had so much fun!!!

    Now that we had a game night, we need to have a Kadi/Jenn do something fun night. Let’s do it in the next few weeks! Thanks again for having us over. Love you guys!

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