Here we go…

I spent the afternoon daydreaming about all the possibilities for starting my own business one day.  Thanks to my friend Emma (thank you Emma!) I was able to get excited and fueled about the opportunity for a new change.  We dug through all my old creations and discussed ways in which I could begin to create new designs for myself and also those that I love.

Lucky for me I have friends and family that have many things to celebrate in their lives including birthdays, anniversaries, births and my most favorite…WEDDINGS!  All of these things  inspire me to design cards, invites, decor, and gift wrappings for these special events. My sister Sarah is getting married soon (congratulations Sarah and Tristan!) and has already offered to allow me to help her create her wedding invitations…yipee!

Here are some pics of some of my paper creations from mine and Adam’s own big day…wow that seemed like forever ago already!

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